Encouraging Mail

I received a lovely card this last trip to the post office. Just today after a hectic week I sat down to read my letters. I read only two and this one I just had to reply to immediately. The picture reminds me of Beatrix Potter. Who couldn't love a charming mouse at her writing desk?

I had to respond immediately not only because this is the first piece of mail I've received from Mrs. Diaz but because her kind words of encouragement made me wish I had read this card the day I got it from the post office. I've been pressed for time this past week and saved my letters for a time when I had not only leisure of time but a comfortable emotional space in which to enjoy them. What power a kind note can have to impel one to an eager response. Let's use our words to encourage others. Send a kind thought through the mail today; you won't regret it!

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