Getting Organized

I've long known about the analogue wonder called the bullet journal but just a couple weeks ago I decided to start one myself. The busier I am the greater my need to be organized. Perhaps a bit of organization can transform that busyness into productivity. We surely all know from experience that busyness and productivity are not synonymous terms!

Before beginning I must have a notebook. I decided I should have a grid journal and some research led me to where I purchased a very nice hard linen journal with a ribbon marker and the grid pages I was looking for. I am pleased with the paper quality. It is smooth and fountain pen friendly with minimal shadowing and no bleed through. My one hesitation about ordering a Clairefontaine notebook with arguably better paper for half the cost is that experience tells me ink can take ages to dry on it and that can lead to a smearing mess. I don't have that trouble with this paper and another thing I like about it besides for the sturdy cover and the fact that it's made in America is the smyth sewn binding. This journal will not fall apart on me and it will lay flat. It is also nicely packaged with a thank you note.

Next I had to actually start the journal. It's a simple concept but somehow it seemed complicated. I found this video though and it walked me through setting up my bullet journal. It really is easy.

If you're wanting to be better organized, try the bullet journal. It's a flexible and adaptable system. What could possibly go wrong?

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