Magical Mail

Always behind the times I am just now getting around to watching the Harry Potter movies. I never read the books but the movie set was abandoned at my house by one of the kids. It's enjoyable fantasy but I must say the most intriguing thing about it is the mail delivery system. Owls deliver the mail like carrier pigeons used to. Of course, every envelope is sealed with red wax and green is a popular ink color. Red ink is saved for howlers. Bear it in mind.

Watching Harry Potter made me think, "I really have to cut more quills." It also made me glad that I get lots of mail (no howlers yet) some of which is film worthy. Just today I opened one such piece. 

This letter came tied in string and stashed full of goodies. It is written in white ink on stiff, terracotta Original Crown Mill paper. I've long known about Original Crown Mill and have used it myself but I had no idea it came in this color. I love the miniature hand-crocheted doilies. 

No, I don't believe in magic and flying broomsticks but I must confess that some mail is magical and has the power to transport me to another place and time giving me short release from digital captivity. Speaking of digital captivity, you and I both ought to get off the computer, tablet, or other gadget and go write a letter! 

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