A Good Mail Day & Passing It On

Being out of state translates into being without mail and I had a sense of getting back to normal when I returned to my mail box where happiness awaited me. Not only did I have letters, I had a Christmas in July package. What fun! Thank you, Limner; you will be getting a letter from me soon!

I love the idea of Christmas in July...not that I ever would have thought of it myself, but Limner's just a tad bit more creative than I am. Okay, she's streaks ahead of me in that area.

Look what I got! It's a book of postcards. My next stamp purchase will be postcard stamps. It's too bad the USPS doesn't offer a wider variety of the 34 cent model.

I receive the occasional postcard but I rarely send one out myself. That's going to change now because I have to send out these postcards. I have a feeling I'm going to be using spare mental time thinking up short postcards sized messages to send to people. My aim will be affirming, encouraging messages. I like that goal. It will be like passing Limner's kindness along. What fun!

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