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I came across a couple handwriting videos I'd like to share. The first one was introduced to me by Jan at Of Bibles, Books, and Letters. The calligraphy is by master penman, Connie Chen. This video is mesmerizing and I'm afraid few of us will ever write this beautifully though she makes it look so easy. 

The second video simply shares some thoughts on handwriting, or rather on the decline of cursive. I was recently at an Altar Guild conference of women throughout our diocese and the breakfast conversation turned to education. The women sitting on either side of me had learned shorthand, something that is no longer used. I remarked that they could use it as a code, something like cursive. One of the women then launched into a rant about children (even her own grand kids) no longer knowing how to read cursive.  It seems to be a widespread problem, at least in the U.S. The gentleman in the next video shares my friend's concern.


  1. I have been using a phrase that judge judy uses and it is called the dumbing down of America and I quite agree with her . this is interesting because I was watching people protesting something or other and the reporter asked this one guy what he was protesting and he said fascism and the reporter asked him what is fascism and he stated uh I don't know really .How utterly ignorant the younger generation will be and I often fear for our future with these types of people . I pray for this world and for my grandchildren growing up in it .


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