Birthday Mail

I had a birthday recently and was surprised to receive birthday cards as I don't remember telling the senders when that day was. But after years of writing letters and having so many conversations going at once the details of what I've said to whom become blurry. The biggest surprise, however, was a gift that was not intended to be a birthday present.  I had the honor and pleasure to receive a copy of Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink from none other than Mary Potter Kenyon, the book's co-author. As the name implies, it's a book about friendship through letters. Oh what marvelous, unknown wonders the post office has facilitated.

As you can guess, I am very excited to read this book and will tell you all about it when I'm done. I even have a give away planned but in the mean time I'll give you little teasers to whet your appetite. I've not ventured very far into this treasure but I can tell you already this is a book worth reading. 

And to Mary, many thanks. You must have received my letter by now but on the chance that you happened to see this post, I wanted to again say, THANK YOU!!


  1. oh the cover is just uber neat and I hope you do like it . it sounds like something I might like to read as well . Have a wonderful day and evening .

    1. Thank you, phonelady! If you are into friendship and letter writing you are bound to like this book. I do so far!
      Blessings to you!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Sonja. I look forward to hearing your review of Mary & Me. It sounds like a goodie.


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