Letters of Gratitude

It seems that nothing goes without complications. One of my sons is transferring to the UC system and term starts in a mere few days. Just a couple days ago his housing arrangement fell through. I can tell you this caused no shortage of stress and anxiety. After a couple days of not knowing where he was going to live this quarter and unable to find something in the general area of school I turned to The Aunts. Aunts are their own special class of being. They are generally kind and wise and are often made of stalwart stuff. They know the particular situations of every member of the extended family and would know if somebody in the clan had a room available in the vicinity. I inquired with The Aunts and soon had a call. It turns out one of The Aunts lives but fifteen miles from the university and has offered Young Duffy a room free of charge. As you can imagine I was relieved and elated. Not only will he have a roof over his head but he'll be with family.  Wasting no time I pulled out my stationery to pen a couple letters of gratitude. What a good letter day. Few letters are more enjoyable to write than those of thanks. 

To sweeten the moment I used my new ink, KWZ Iron Gall Violet #2 and my stamp order just arrived. I just had to have more Ingrid Bergmans and I ordered a few of the new president as well. 

It feels like a celebration. New ink, new stamps, my son staying with family...yes, I'm celebrating.

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