Rural Mail

Thanks to Jan for the link about the letter to Iceland. It seems I had seen this one on Twitter a few days ago, probably late at night and it didn't register with me at the time what a great story this is. Take a look at this envelope.

It has no address, not even a name, yet by the map and description this letter was delivered.(You know, Postmaster, she's the lady with three kids, a whole lot of sheep and she works at the market know the one.)  There are benefits to living in rural places or even small towns. This reminds me of a letter my high school friend received once. It seems like a hundred years ago now and our town was half the size it is today. My friend received a letter addressed only with her name and Kingsburg. I don't think it even had a zip code yet the post office knew the name and delivered it to her family's P.O. box. I'm not sure that would happen today but I'd like to think it would. 

You can read the story here

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