Sweet Consolation

Oh the sweet consolation of pen and paper. What consolation there is in sitting down with pen and paper. It has the feel of a quiet escape. The last time I sat down to write I was rushed. My intention was to sit down, dash off a few notes and send off the letter. I didn't have a lot of time after all. Once I sat down, however, things changed. Somehow I felt that time was moving more slowly, that I had more space about me. I no longer felt this particular letter had to be rushed. 

This morning I leave for San Diego. It's a five plus hour drive if road conditions are perfect. One never knows what to expect through Los Angeles save for an horrific volume of traffic. Lord willing there will be no accidents and no road construction. I have packed a book, a journal and a pen. They represent my quiet space. I'm so glad I can bring it with me. Paper. There's something comforting about it.


  1. oh yes there is something extremely comforting about pen and paper and a book . Those are the three essentials you should never leave without . Who needs American express right ? sorry could not resist and old line from tv commercials .

    1. I admit I carry books far more often than American Express!

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