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It is no mystery that that which is not used is soon lost. Do not moth and rust destroy? Must not skills be practiced to be maintained and developed? My own handwriting suffered deterioration as an adult for I used it less than I had in school and no longer made effort when I did write. I have been working since to recover. Does it matter though what my handwriting looks like or whether I write by hand at all? Anne Trubek of the New York times contends in The Sunday Review dated August 21, 2016 that "Handwriting Just Doesn't Matter." I read through her argument and when I came to the final paragraph I thought I saw just a flicker of resentment that might just be the cause of her position:
But as a left-hander with terrible handwriting who watched my son struggle to master cursive -- he had to stay inside during recess for much of the third grade because he wrote his j's backward -- that is a loss I can weather.
You can read her article here.

As a lover of the written word I have greater appreciation for the letters to the editor regarding this article. 

To quote Sam Goodyear,
True, typing is efficient. But a love letter? A letter of condolence? A shopping list for a quick trip to the grocery store? Email and texting are fine in their place, but there are limits. 
Besides, there is something beautiful in the personal distinctiveness in one's handwriting. Like one's face, it is shared by no one else.
Don't you love that thought? One's handwriting like one's face is shared by no one else. I do! 

You can read To the Editor here.


  1. Those darn Yankees they always think they have to one up us southerners . I agree with proffesors who say that there are limits when you cannot write cursive nor read it .I do believe a well rounded person definitely knows how to write and read cursive and I cannot imagine what sister Margaret where I went to school at the holy academy would have to say on this matter but I can certainly see her in the back of my mind just shaking her head at the deterioration of society . Yes folks that is what the decline and dissaperance of cursive writing will do and thank you mrs duffy for making me think about this some more .

    1. One day universities will probably offer classes on deciphering cursive. They'll start out as part of humanities programs then eventually people will be getting doctorates in handwriting. Just you wait!


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