The Conversation: My Own Little World

What excitement to receive a letter from my good friend Shari! I had written her a few weeks ago and just when I thought she might not be writing back I received her reply. I understand the whirlwind of Shari's life and if I must wait patently for a response I will not feel inconvenienced. Snail mail is not about rushing the conversation. 

Like me, Shari prepares to read a letter by making a cup of coffee. To read a letter or to write a letter is to spend time with a friend so lets have coffee (or tea), shall we? I had written her my hopes of having lunch again soon as too much time has slipped by and we have some catching up to do. Besides, I miss her. Thankfully, she is as eager for face to face time as I am. We will probably go to that same little Indian restaurant and stay for several hours as we always do having our fill of good food, chai tea, and laughter. We probably wouldn't need to laugh so hard if we got together more frequently...but any meeting with this dear friend will be filled with laughter no doubt.

Her letter was written in this card. I am glad that I can be part of Shari's world whether face to face or in the mail. I am glad also that any letter brings the sender into my world and as my letter brings me into theirs. Aren't letters wonderful things?

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