Historical Letters: William Bradford

I have found the transcript to a humorous letter by William Bradford. It's not meant to be humorous but I do think that Mr. Offley should have payed his bills straight away. When the governor has to put pressure on you, you have been inexcusably delinquent. And then to have all the English scandalized. Really, Mr. Offley.

To his much honored friend Mr. John Winthrop Deputy Governor of the Massachusetts these be.
       I am requested to write these few lines unto you, in the behalf of some Indians of Yarmouth; who complain that Mr. Offley owes them 6 coats of trading cloth, and a pair of small britches, for service they did him, in taking of sturgeon. Some of them affirm that they were loath to have left their hunting, when he importuned them to help him, and now not to pay them for their labor they take it very ill; and take occasion thereby to scandalize all the English. I am informed by Mr. Freeman that many of the neighbors know these debts to be due, and are yet unsatisfied. Having not else at present with my best love remembered unto you, I take leave and rest. 
            Your Affectionate friend,                                                                                            William Bradford
More such letters can be found in William Bradford's Letterbook.

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