Reasons to Write: Slowing Down is Good for You

We all know that slowing down is good for us. I happened across an article at WebMD that promotes slowing down for various benefits. It even offers practical advice on how to accomplish this. 

I found one bit of advice to be humorous. Well, the example anyway.

The next time you feel yourself freaking out because the woman in front of you at the post office is taking ages to choose her stamps....

Oh my goodness. Is that what I'm doing to people when I insist on seeing all my choices? Some of them twice? Hopefully not; though I have noticed agitation in a certain postal clerk. I'll have to make a point of not buying stamps over the noon hour when a lot of people are on their lunch break and trying to dash off a few errands.

Read the article if you'd like. It's optional, but do take time to pen a message to someone. You'll both be glad you did.


  1. husband had been sick since wed so today since he said he seemed well so I disinfected the house with Lysol and odo ban and I pray I don't catch anything I was gloved up and masked up while disinfecting so I think I'm safe but boy I'm beat now ...LOL

    1. Oh no! I pray he gets well soon. And don't you get sick now!!


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