The Conversation:Tardy Again

The Conversation of late has been one of neglect on my part. My writing table had a mounting pile on it and I knew that were I not to rally strength and conquer it I would be too faint-hearted to return to the post office to retrieve even more letters. 

It strikes me as peculiar that neglect of mail fosters an uneasy feeling, even apprehension. It's as though my mail becomes intimidating.  I am so much more comfortable with timely replies than with postponed responses yet I am prone to derailment. Though I have grown in discipline I still sometimes become lax. When I finally do sit down to write it's as though the sun is suddenly peeking through the gray clouds promising a bright day to come.

You may have noticed that I said my table had a mounting pile of unanswered letters. In a single day I responded to four of them and organized the rest. Anything organized feels manageable. 

And that is how my conversations are going. I am sure many of you have your own struggles with sitting down to write. There may be many pressures but the act of quietly engaging in written conversation can relive stress. It certainly relieves the pressure of being behind on mail!

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