Historic Letters: Fidel Castro

In 1940 a young Fidel Castro wrote a fan letter to President Roosevelt. He congratulates him on another term as president and also asks for ten dollars as he had never seen a $10 bill before. He may have had nerve but he also had nice handwriting.


  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I really enjoy your blog . I'm worried about Limner and what kind of Christmas she had so close to her beloved cat simon passing away . I hope she was able to salvage something good from it you know . Yes fidel castro I'm sure had quite a lot of nerve and a lot of other stuff .

  2. thank you for the cute lil gift you sent me and I will keep him hanging up in my office on my wall forever thank you . I think he is pretty darn cute as well .

  3. The first impression I got from the letter was also the nice handwriting.


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