Just for Fun: Einstein's Desk

I came across this picture of Einstein's desk. A Fountain Pen Network member pointed out that he used Shaeffer Skrip ink. Can you spy the bottle? I couldn't immediately. It's right in the middle of the desk. There is just so much for the eye to take in.

I cannot say that my own desk is nearly so cluttered; but, neither can I boast of genius. 

Apparently there's a link between a messy desk and creativity. Other greats with messy desks were Mark Twain and Steve Jobbs. In an article I call "In Defense of the Messies," Andrew Tate of Canva.com gives five reasons why creative geniuses have messy desks and why we should too. 

I am glad that there is at least a reason I was never able to get my creative genius of a son to clean his room. At my motherly demands he ever insisted that his room was organized. He knew where everything was. 

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