Reasons to Write: Coherence

Let's face it. The digital age has made us sloppy communicators. Whether we're sending a text, composing an email, or commenting on an article online we are probably not giving our words as much thought as they, or the person who will read our words, deserve. Chose any news article and scroll through the responses to it. Go ahead, do it now.... Do you feel like a better person after reading those jewels of insight and carefully chosen expletives words? Neither do I. 

Even in a civil conversation one can easily send the wrong message (literally!) thanks to predictive spelling. I find self-editing to be very difficult and read what I meant to say rather than what I actually wrote. Sometimes I feel that predictive spelling is a malicious technology as I easily send nonsensical messages that require either an explanation from me or decryption skills from the other person. Often I can tell that an email was sent from a cell phone by the sloppiness of the communication, especially when I happen to know that the sender is more educated than the message advertised. I am sure we have all had a laugh either at ourselves or at a message received. Often these communication mishaps are humorous and we have to laugh at them but the fact remains that they happen because we are hasty in dashing off our thoughts, some of which are only half formed when we present them to the world. 

Writing with pen on the other hand slows us down just enough to help us better compose a coherent thought and coherent thought makes for good writing, good reading, and good conversation. Making a habit of writing by hand will hopefully put us in a frame of mind to be careful with our words no matter what our medium of expressing them. 

Words matter. Be careful with them. Now go write a letter.

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