The Universal Letter Writer: Rules for Reading

Once upon a time. before the advent of moving pictures, the phonograph and the various electronic media we know today, a popular pursuit among those who would be entertained was reading. Not only would people read privately, they would read aloud for others and would listen as others read to them. 

I doubt that today many people sit around the fire reading poetry together though it does make a more satisfying picture in my mind than sitting snuggly on the sofa watching a favorite movie in high definition with surround sound. Mr. Duffy and I used to read out loud to each other. Come to think of it, the last time we did that was before we bought a television set and that was certainly prior to us having internet. Oh to turn back the clock. Or maybe we could just turn off the TV and shut down the web browser. Reading aloud is certainly worth getting back to. 

The Universal Letter Writer lays out some rules to assist us in reading. They will be helpful whether we read for amusement or at the lectern at church. 

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