That Wonderful Pink Feeling

Every spring that wonderful feeling of pink comes upon me. I can't explain how pink feels but it manifests itself in the felt need to write with pink ink. Perhaps I associate pink with spring. Kingsburg is surrounded by multitudinous orchards, many of which are gloriously clad in pink in the spring. I borrowed this picture from my cousin's Facebook wall. Yes, these are genuine Kingsburg blossoms.

Can you see why I associate spring with pink? This pink feeling drove me to order a bottle of Diamine Pink Glitz. 

Yes, it drove me. I was powerless to not buy the ink. Because the cotton paper I usually use will not show off sheen I ordered some Clairefontaine paper to go with it. While I wait for delivery I will be flushing my wettest pen. 

Wait! I'll need spring sealing wax. But that can wait for another day. It's best to space out the fun and I still have bright green sealing wax from last spring to tide me over for a bit.  Do you have special spring ink or other writing accessories? Spring letters are wonderful!

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