In From Australia

Did you know that Australians don't have an Easter Bunny? Or if they do he's being pushed out by the Easter Bilby. This is one of those things that one might learn only from a pen pal. Thanks, Kathleen! 

Rabbits are a villainous creature in Australia. Settlers from the Northern hemisphere introduced them to Australia and since then they have caused no end of trouble. Native fauna can scarcely compete with this invasive species for food. 

The Bilby has been put forward as a rival to the pesky rabbit as an Easter symbol and, like the Easter Bunny has a chocolate counterpart for the kids to enjoy.

Kathleen also told me about Anzac Day which is celebrated on April 25th. I believe it corresponds to America's Memorial Day. You can read more about it at Wikipedia.

 45+ Amazing Anzac Day Wish Pictures

And finally, the treat that tickled me. Play money!

Call me easily amused; it's perfectly true. Thank you, Kathleen for the fun and the education too.

I wonder, what things do I take for granted that might prove to be of interest to someone else on the other side of the globe? When I find the answer I will have to share it in a letter.

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