International Pen Pal Day

June 1st is International Pen Pal Day. Of course, the only way to celebrate is to write a letter. Before I do that I must make more stationery but that will only add to the fun. I've had a child in the hospital since Mother's Day due to a nasty little road accident. Okay, "little" doesn't apply here but all will be well after a long recovery. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and bones will mend and it really is amazing what surgeons can do these days. That being said, I have not had much writing opportunity lately though I did manage to pen a letter from the hospital. I plan to do the same today and it will likely be especially brief and less an epistle the you deserve but it will be a letter full of kind intention. It will also be a sort of therapy for myself.

Please, do write a letter and fill it with kind thoughts. You may just add balm to someone's bad day.

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