Random Kindness Letters

I have been thinking about the idea of random acts of kindness. You know, the kind act one person does for another person out of the blue with no other motivation than to be nice to somebody. Saturday I wrote my first Random Kindness Letter. (That's going to be a proper name now so capitalize it.) Friday I went downtown to pay a visit to the hairdresser. A most interesting conversation ensued which left me thinking about the encounter well into the next day. I knew that I had to write her a letter. I wonder when she last received a handwritten, personal letter. She quite possibly never has. 

This led to the idea of sending Random Kindness Letters to various people. The possibilities for such letters is endless. Anyone who crosses my path is eligible. Whether to send an RKL daily or weekly or spontaneously is still a question. The main thing is to send them.


  1. Day before yesterday I decided to write a letter to a movie producer. I have a feeling he needs to know how much his movie is appreciated. I Googled and got the name of his production company's snail mail address. I'd forgotten about it until this moment It's a wonderful idea, your RKL. May it catch fire and spread. Thank you.

    I just added three of my favorite booksellers to the list. Oh, this is getting good!

    1. Yes! To borrow a biblical phrase, Let's spur one another on toward love and good LETTERS!

      And you know we need to write more letters anyway now that we have that awesome eclipse stamp :)


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