Google Arts & Culture

I learned about this just today so there's an excellent chance the rest of you know about it already. Google, that great gatherer of information, has an amazing art collection online. At Google Arts & Culture we are invited to "Explore stories from around the world." I have barely begun my own exploration and I am very, very impressed not only by the amount of art available but also by the variety and organization of the thing. 

One can explore by artist, medium, art movement, historical events, historical figures, and places. Those categories can then be organized by popularity, time, and color.

Of course there's always the search bar if you want to look up something in particular. My own search of "woman writing" yielded 1,203 items. I notice they're not all writing, but they are all women or examples of writing. That's how searches go.

You can visit this online museum at  

Beta means it's only going to get better. Now go have a look!

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