Eight Reasons

The Pen Company has given us eight reasons to send snail mail today. I will give you their eight reasons with my own commentary and you can visit their site to see what they have to say about it.

1. You will brighten someone's day.

Of this I am confident. Who isn't delighted to find personal, handwritten, kindly intended communication in the mailbox? Unless one has pen pals a personal letter is a rare event. Nobody has ever told me that my letter ruined their day.

2. It's more personal.

That a handwritten letter or card is more personal than an email or text is so self-evident that no commentary is needed here.

3. It shows you care.

To gather writing supplies, collect one's thoughts, and put pen to paper requires the precious commodity of time. (That's the stuff universally recognized as being in short supply.) To spend time writing a letter says more about your value of the intended recipient than the stationery (however fine) that you might use.

4. It's cheap.

All you need is paper, ink, and a stamp. For 49 cents you can send a letter, even a lengthy one, anywhere in the country. $1.15 will deliver a letter almost anywhere in the world. My letter to my daughter is Kosovo was returned as undeliverable. They don't belong to the Universal Postal Union. It turns out that international mail is a members only sort of affair.

5. Letters are keepsakes.

Who wouldn't treasure a letter from Grandfather, Grandmother or Great Uncle Peter as something to have and to hold always?

6. You will probably get a reply.

With this I disagree. Unless you are writing to an active and intentional pen pal you can pretty much plan on your letter not receiving a reply unless it's by email telling you how wonderful it was to get a letter.

That's why I started pen palling in the first place.

7. You can get creative.

Mail art is a huge thing today and I have seen an impressive amount of effort put into the envelope alone. I must say it is very enjoyable to receive such mail.

8. You can include gifts.

Provide it's lightweight and unbreakable you can include all manner of enclosures. Of course you can include breakable things too but don't expect those Smarties to make it to their destination resembling anything but powder.

Thank you for reading. Now kindly pay a visit to The Pen Company.

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