Reclaiming the Letter as Normal Correspondence

Once upon a time hand written letters were a part of daily life. They were how we communicated with far off friends or even friends nearby. My own childhood saw a regular stream of letters; perhaps not of flood of letters, but to receive one in the mail was in no way out of the ordinary. Most of my childhood letters were short notes penned to a girlfriend when my heart was bursting with news that must be told. Often a note written in solitary eagerness would then be placed directly into the recipient's hand by my own. Never mind that I could then give such communications orally, the letter was written and delivering it would ensure a response. 

Writing and receiving letters never got old.

Call me nostalgic, but I wish we could get back to that. I miss being intimately familiar with my friends' handwriting.

More and more I find myself reclaiming the letter as normal correspondence. Instead of messaging electronically I pull out pen and paper. Sure, to send a paper message holds the added cost of a stamp and time, and delay is something we are especially adverse to these days, but the pleasure it gives both to the recipient and myself...well, that's worth the extra time and expense. To slow down and enjoy a quiet moment and to have a physical connection through pen and paper with a friend, well, there's just something healthy about that. 

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