In the Mail: The Loveliest Little Book

It's been a while since I've given an honorable mention and shared a few pictures of mail. Weeks ago now I received a real gem of a letter. It had been promised me for a few weeks and was well worth the wait. This letter is of particular interest because of the content but, as you know, I do not share the content of the letters I receive. In this case I really with I could because the letter is in book form and is perfectly enjoyable. Each page is illustrated and the book is hand made which makes it even more special. Though I can't show you every page I can show you the first page which is not personal and, of course, the cheery cover. This lovely little book represents the best in mail art. 

So much time was spent on this that I hardly feel myself able to make an adequate return. After pondering that last statement I realized that what I can return is friendship through letters and I do believe that is the goal of our epistolary pursuits.

Thank you, Mrs. Benn!

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