My How Time Flies

I have been aware that I've been neglecting Letter Matters but was convinced that I was keeping up on my letter writing. The funny thing about perceptions is they are so often unrelated to the true state of things. Long have I been aware that I tend to lose track of time but not until a few days ago did I encounter cruel evidence that my condition is worse than supposed. I went to the post office thinking I had been there just the week before last or perhaps even the week before that. To my surprise I was locked out of my mailbox. Payment couldn't be due yet, of that I was certain, so this was perplexing. On going to the window and giving my box number to the clerk he went back to see what the problem was. When he returned he had my mail and also went to the cupboard where packages are kept that are too large for the box. I had mail in there too. He explained to me that my box was locked because I had been away too long. Really? They do that? How could it be that I had been away for so long? I have only his word to go on but as a representative of the USPS I must trust his information. I should have been sitting down for this one but the kind and seemingly amused gentleman informed me that I had not picked up my mail since November.  You read that right. For two months I had forgotten to pick up my mail! Now I have been far busier than usual and a few things were squeezed out of my schedule but two months?? He went on to tell me that one of the packages had been there long enough that it should have been returned already but he recognized the sender's name and didn't want to send it back to Australia just yet. I appreciated his kindness and thanked him.

Now the task is before me to gain a sense of balance in the midst of an increased workload and to pick up the pen. Be patient, Dear Friends, if you've not had a timely response from me you have not been forgotten, though I do regret the neglect. The good new is, mail will soon be on the way!

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