Ah, Felicity

"Felicity" is one of this out of fashion words that one comes across only while reading old books. It means, "the state of being happy" but you probably already knew that. This Sunday afternoon is felicitous because I am writing letters. I am also using my light box and am in possession of two gorgeous new inks. 

Teal, though one of the more interesting colors, has been neglected by me...until now. Walden Pond is simply intoxicating to look at. Even my poor quality scanner with its inadequate representation of color can do no injustice to. But the paper is Tomoe River which shows any ink to its best advantage. My standard cotton stationery sadly won't show it off quite so well but it will still look lovely. I thought I would prefer Twilight Blue but Walden Pond has taken me captive. I have a new inky love. 

I set up my light box recently to work on a project, namely wedding invitations! My daughter is getting married and has asked me to do her invitations. I have been happily practicing and working with guidelines which has inspired me to write letters using them.  My first letter written today was not in fabulous teal ink but in dull black using a Japanese fine nib which gave it rather a dark gray look. The lack of color was disappointing but the letter was crossed which elevated the standard black ink to a level of quiet dignity. Quiet dignity can never be complained of. 

To add to the felicity I shall also read Jane Austen. No author's novels are filled more with letters or inspire one to pick up the pen then hers. It is from Jane that my vocabulary gained the word "felicity." I'll be sure to pass along any good words I acquire in her company. I wish you a felicitous day and a letter or two in the mail. 

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