From Anna With Love

The Lovely Anna of Billet Doux and Little Mercuries  recently celebrated her four year blogoversary (Congratulations!!) by hosting a postal tea party and I am a happy participant. Thank you for including me, Anna! A thank you  note is on the way. Not only is Anna a wonderful conversationalist, she is a fantastic hostess as well. True to form, everything about this party is lovely. A plain box and shipping tape would not do. Gifts must be wrapped. 

The contents were so nicely arranged they shouldn't have been disturbed. 

But of course I did and inside was everything needed for a tea party. My original plan was to enjoy tea with Anna after this fuller than full weekend which will see daughter's wedding and son's graduation from college but I now think that I may step out of the whirlwind of preparation this afternoon and indulge in some sanity. 

The gem of all this is the teacup. Did I tell you that Anna started me on a tea cup collection? That very first tea party she sent me several years ago was the start of it all. 

When I find a tea cup I'm interested in I always check the bottom to see if it's made in England. If so, I consider it a providential find and buy it. Mr. Duffy tells me I'm an Anglophile and it is perfectly true.

See what good things come from writing letters? Among the goodness are friendship, tea parties, and new hobbies to enjoy. Thank you, Anna!

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