It's Never too Late to Apologize

I saw this letter in my news feed and though it worthy of sharing. It's healthy to own up to things and admit when we're in the wrong. Those wrongs never really do go away, do they. They somehow manage to stick around and remind us of our sin as I'm sure A Sorrowful Citizen would tell you. It's not a bad thing for one to have a conscience in good working order; rather, it's very good, despite the discomfort it may cause. This makes me wonder, to whom do I owe a letter of apology?

From: A Citizen of Texas, USA
          To: Midvale Public Works Dept.,

          I am enclosing this $50 tp pay for a stop sign I took many years ago when I was a thoughtless             teenager. Stupid might be a better word for it. Anyway, I'm trying to remember the things I've             done wrong, and try to do restitution as well as I can.

         I am almost ninety years old, and all these things have made me sorrow over the few things I              did when I was young. I wish to be forgiven by the Lord, so I am sorry, and truly repent.

         Please use the money for a stop sign, OK? Thank you very much.

         Sincerely, A sorrowful citizen.

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