My How Time Flies

This morning I'm mailing a long overdue letter. Yesterday I sorted through a particular pile on my desk, the one of letters to reply to. I've had several of those piles over the last few months but this one has been more neglected than the others. In daily view it seemed to become invisible. You can imagine the feeling of epistolary shame that swept over me as opening a letter from this stack my eyes fell on the date January 10, 2018. January! How can it be? June is already drawing to a close and I am just now responding to a letter dated January. The inquiries as to the holidays now seemed irrelevant. So much has happened since Thanksgiving and Christmas.  All that could be done is to write a humble letter and start fresh.  In a few days my neglected friend will receive a letter, see the return address and think, Mrs. Duffy...who's that?

Let's hope not....

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