Afternoon Tea American Style

I finally had a chance to enjoy Anna's tea party and as it was sent in honor of the Royal Wedding I used tea time to watch the grand event for the first time. The bride was radiant. 

I recently enjoyed my own daughter's wedding where the bride was no less radiant and the order of service was nearly identical though lacking all fanfare of a global event. Watching the Royal Wedding and appreciating the Marriage Rite which is very similar to our own (different editions of The Book of Common Prayer) I reflected on the elevating and dignifying power of liturgy. Whether one is royal or regular, a president or a pauper, the Church gives them the same dignified service for the important events of life whether it be baptism, marriage or burial. And in between these events, there is always tea.

When Mr. Duffy came home late afternoon he saw my tea table and it seemed to him a very pleasant thing. I assured him it was and that my afternoon had been spent more agreeably than his. He did not begrudge me my good fortune. Thank you, Mr. Duffy and thank you, Anna for a lovely afternoon.

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