Harmony, California

On Tuesday I took a day trip with friends. We started at Avila Beach. Growing up my brothers and I would come here with the neighbors and their kids once a summer. We would rent boogie boards and have a grand time. As a reward I would get a lobster sunburn that allowed me to wear only my swim suit for the next two days. We didn't exactly have SPF 50 sunblock in those days. That was before Avila was rebuilt on account of that oil spill in the '90s. It has since become a popular beach. 

After Avila Beach we meandered over to the tiny little town of Harmony. I had passed Harmony many times on my way to Cambria but never stopped. Now I found out what I had been missing. The town had grown up around a creamery in the 19th century. Farming led to feuding and feuding led to shooting. After a shooting death a truce was called and the dairy farmers agreed to live in harmony, thus the name. 

The first thing I noticed was the post office (of course!). Sadly, it's no longer functioning but has been turned into a hospitality room. 

That's the happy part. To the right but not in the picture is a table with a couple coffee urns and creamers, etcetera. There's even a stuffed chair to enjoy a cup of coffee in. What an inviting little town. 

There are no dairies here any longer but the town boasts a glass works.

Visitors can watch the glass blowers at work and then purchase hand blown items.

Remember I said the town was little? Notice the labels on these earrings.

Remembering the local dairy industry is a bovine monk. He embodies the term "holy cow."

The town also boasts a chapel. At first I thought it looked like a hobbit chapel with a round door but then realized that it's made to look like a wine barrel. If there's a unifying theme of central California coastal towns it's wine. This is wine country after all.

Here's a peak inside. It's rented out for weddings so if you plan on only twelve guests this is a charming venue.

The town is also home to a pottery store. If you need a unique gift, come to Harmony.

It was a good day. Did I mention we took a rental car an had a stow away? Fortunately we found him before we got on the road.

None of the ladies would touch him but we found a man to remove the unwanted traveler. Thank goodness, or we would have had to cancel the trip.

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