Mail Friday

Friday is my designated day to go to the post office and retrieve any mail that might be waiting in box 196. Today after picking up my mail I decided to answer all previous letters before opening any new ones. This included a search of two desks to make sure that nothing was hiding. Things tend to get buried. Do you have that problem? After my epistolary shame of June (I told you about that) I've been taking precautions, hence the thorough check for missing letters. Such precaution apparently requires the discipline of responding to all letters before opening new ones. All things require some degree of discipline and letter writing is no exception. I must also maintain the discipline is a neat desk. This will be the greatest challenge no doubt but a clean desk, I have come to believe, is required for writing preparedness.

You will be happy to know that I have successfully replied to all previous letters and may now open my mail which I will do with great pleasure just as soon as I make another cup of tea.

One piece of mail does not require opening. I received my first ever voodoo postcard. There was no message, only an explanation of voodoo as a life affirming practice. Ironically, the first thing I noticed was the skull. It just goes to show the universality of letter writing. Writing is a deeply human act which transcends all religious and social distinctions. Whatever one's religion, political views, or station in life letter writing is meaningful and enriching. Now to open those letters and enjoy the pleasures of friendship. But first...tea.

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