75 Years Later....

Florida Today ran a lovely article about pen pals who still write after seventy-five years. I don't know about you, but I find that inspiring.

  Today it is easy to find a pen friend through the internet. Once upon a time it was a little more difficult than that. I connected with my first pen pal, Annette from Sweden, through a mutual acquaintance. My memory is rusty but I think that Mutual Acquaintance Darcy had been an exchange student in Annette's town and had lived with her family (maybe). I met Darcy shortly after her return and she gave me Annette's address. She had been wanting a pen pal and the connection was made. I actually met Annette in 1986 when I spent seven weeks in Sweden. Sadly, we lost contact a couple years later. 

I appreciate the manner in which Alice and Margaret met. It was through a mutual acquaintance, the way it used to be done and their story reminded me of my own. I suppose it still happens on occasion but I can't imagine that to be the norm. It certainly is not mine. I think it remarkable that Alice and Margaret would be able to maintain correspondence for so long; even enviable. Any friendship I form now will certainly not last 75 years. I simply do not have enough time left. Should I be blessed with longevity, I might achieve 50 years with some of my pen friends. Only time will tell, but I hope so. You can read more about Alice and Margaret here.

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