An Idle Sunday

I've been under the weather and spent the whole of yesterday in bed excepting the two hours I crept out to the sofa to watch Inspector Lynley. Never have I enjoyed him so little. This morning I was vastly improved but not yet up to going out so Mr. Duffy went off to church by himself and I turned to Miss Marple. I would like to tell you I took the opportunity to write letters but that's not what happened. Twenty minutes into to show it came to me that reading Agatha Christie would be better than watching her so I went to my clock where Peter's stolen library books are in safe keeping. (I have one of those clocks the front of which opens to reveal small shelves inside.) Have I ever told you about Peter's stolen library books? A friend of mine called one day saying he had been cleaning out his son's old room and would I like an Agatha Christie or two? Of course I would! "I'll take whatever you will give me." I replied. A few days later a stack of nearly twenty Agatha Christie novels arrived. It was like winning the lottery! Every single book has a library card inside. I don't actually believe them to be stolen but rather to have been lawfully obtained from a library book sale. However, I've been calling them Peter's stolen library books for my own amusement. I took them on the understanding that should Peter ever make inquiries to Dear Old Dad about his Christie collection I am to hand them over no matter how reluctantly. Because the collection is a long term loan I store them in the clock where they enjoy their own separate little library and won't be lost among all the other books.  Should I be ill tomorrow it will pain me to call in sick but should I not finish Sleeping Murder tonight, a few ours with my good friend Agatha would ease that pain. In either case I feel assured of a good day tomorrow. Stay well, everyone. And for myself, whether I am well or ill tomorrow I hope that Peter has long forgotten about his books.

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