Monday Ramblings

Today is Labor Day which means no mail delivery. I had entertained thoughts of going to the post office in hopes that the door was unlocked and I could check my mail but I remembered my resolution to discipline. I will not get mail until all letters have been responded to. It seems that once upon a time I held such resolution but sadly lapsed into negligence. This time I really mean it. I'm going to stay on top of things and be a quick responder. Really. I assure you my good intentions are genuine. Good intentions are not enough to be a faithful correspondent, unfortunately. I actually have to write letters and often at that. 

Another failing has just been brought to light. It seems a letter from late June or July got missed. (And here I truly believed I had answered everything.) Perhaps a letter slipped behind my desk or simply went astray in the mail. Saturday the mail carrier gave me a postcard for next door. How much of my mail never made it to me or from me to its intended destination? I have no way of knowing. 

My apologies, Mrs. Thompson, a letter will be in tomorrow's mail, sent with love as usual. 

 I received this card from a fellow letter writer who admits to sharing some of the same writing struggles. Who doesn't struggle to stay on top of things? We either press on or give up. I wish the picture did this card justice. I love the gold foil shining against the pail blue. It's just lovely and I wanted to share it with you. Pretend you see the glimmer.

After responding to this note I shall be at liberty to visit my mail box tomorrow. 

Before I go let me tell you about a letter I intend to write. This almost falls under the category of Random Kindness Mail. It will certainly be unexpected by the recipient. My son got married two days ago (you'll be hearing about it in my next letter) and among the guests was a man I had hoped to meet but with all the doings I missed him. The guest in question had been my son's philosophy teacher a few semesters ago and had quite an impact on him. I wanted to thank him for his contribution to my son's education and the formation of his mind.  Introductions will have to be by post. He will surely be surprised to receive a letter in the mail. Most people are unless they've sent one first. I look forward to writing this one.

I hope all of you are well and keep writing those letters. No matter how long those inky doldrums have lasted, it's never too late to put pen to paper and make someone's day.

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