Halloween Mail

Halloween seems to have become an entire season. As with Christmas, decorations are out for a full month. I'll have to take a picture of the dragons in our neighborhood next time Mr. Duffy and I go out walking. I don't decorate for this holiday myself but that doesn't keep me from enjoying the displays of others. I've received a charming handmade Halloween card from Mrs. Mays. I like the gothic look of the lettering and the wax seal.

Can you make out the skull in seal? Mrs. Mays' seals are always beautifully done. She's really mastered the art.  Seeing different seals inspires me to branch out from my standard Celtic cross seal. Perhaps I'll put that on my Christmas wish list and see what Mr. Duffy comes up with. (No pressure, Mr. Duffy, I know you'll do well.) 

Very cute!

I used to make cards but moved on to other things. Now that I'm sending more cards (you'll read about that later) I may just be lured back into the old hobby. With a little creativity the options are limitless. Every holiday and life event such as a birthday offers an opportunity to create something new and enjoyable for someone else. Whether card or letter, paper and pen are combined as an expression of self-giving. It's a wonderful thing, really. Now go find someone to write to!

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