Epiphany Letters

I penned my first letters of the year today which happens to be Epiphany. I wrote with my dip pen and magenta ink. Did I say fuchsia in my last post? I am wrong once again. (I'm getting used to this, by the way.) I paired this vibrant pink ink with a subdued and dignified gray envelope. 

Notice the Hogwarts seal. Young Mr. Duffy gave me a seal for Christmas! It came complete with wax sticks, a melting spoon, and two tea light candles. I think I'll be ordering sealing wax beads to use with the spoon. This seal is large and I find the glue gun wax to be just the thing because it allows me to quickly put down a large pool of wax. 

Fortunately ink needn't be dry for photos else I would have to finish this post tomorrow. Ink blobs are a hazard of using dip pens. Hazard? Charm is a better word. I love this ink. By that I mean it hits that happy spot in my brain responsible for warm, fuzzy feelings. 

My letter writing year is off to a happy start. I hope 2019 brings you good mail and good conversations. See you in the mail!


  1. see you in the mail as well . I hope you are not as busy as you were at the holidays and wedding times for you lil lambs . I also hope all is well with them . see you soon in the mail box .

    1. Things have returned to a sustainable normal, thank you; and yes, you will be seeing me soon in the mail. A letter is presently on its way.


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