The Year of the Dip Pen..or...Inky Resolutions

Okay, year might be too optimistic but after rediscovering the dip pen I'm brimming with enthusiasm for this antiquated technology. The process of dipping, writing, re-dipping, then back to the paper again is as different an experience from writing with my usual fountain pen as the fountain pen experience differs from using the abandoned ball point pen I was raised on. The experience is quite enjoyable really. The primary point of pleasure is the necessity of slowing down. Haste has ever been a problem for me. Having been raised on the ball point pen my struggle was initially to let go the death grip and allow the pen glide over the paper as it was meant to. Retraining myself in that took a mere decade. Haste, however, continues to be a temptation. This splendid device may work my cure. 

Today I went to Allard's and purchased two bottles of Bombay calligraphy ink. The violet starts too black with the italic nib I'm using but the fuchsia is wonderfully vibrant. Today may be the 11th day of Christmas but this ink makes me feel ready for spring. I might have to make envelopes with the excessively vibrant pink paper I've hidden away in a drawer somewhere and address them with Ziller's white ink. Too much pink do you think? Perhaps I shouldn't overdo it. I'll probably go with a more subtle pairing. 

I shall call this pen and ink therapy. Haste is one of the evils of modern society. If in time I should be cured of it there is no telling what secondary benefits would follow. Only time will tell but as I write I will enjoy the expectation of good things to come; especially the expectation of returned letters.

Be well, write often.

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