Meet the Canal Zone Stamp

Of historic interest I received a WWII era post card from Mr. Breeding. It contains a short message from Bob to his Aunt Pauline. Bob is happy to have "Received lots of mail yesterday" and asks that she keep writing. For a deployed serviceman letters were a vital link to home and any mail would have been welcome.

Notice the censorship stamp. "Loose lips sink ships" and it wasn't only the press that was censored. 

Now take a look at the Canal Zone Postage stamp. I was first captivated by the message and the censorship stamp but then I did a little research and discovered that the one cent stamp is the real gem. It's not a valuable stamp, just historically interesting. This one displays Surgeon General William Crawford Gorgas who led the battle to eradicate yellow fever from the Isthmus of Panama. He also served as Canal Commissioner. I can just make out a cancelation date of 1944. 

Canal Zone stamps were last issued in October 1978. Thank you, Mr. Breeding for sending me a tangible piece of history. This has been most enjoyable. A letter will arrive in your mailbox soon!

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