A Word on Birthday Cards

Sometime last year I had decided to send birthday cards. Facebook was a help in clueing me in to dates and so long as I had an address friends received cards. Some weeks I failed to send anything but I trust people don't notice the cards they do not receive and as birthdays come around every year I shall have another chance. I'm counting on that because just now I realized that I hadn't checked Facebook for March birthdays. Mea Culpa. It turns out that six of my cousins have birthdays this month and only one of them is future. My church people have been getting cards though thanks to announcements during service and the church directory providing addresses. 

I had ordered Wisteria card stock and matching envelopes from Amazon and have been making cards to send. Each one is imperfect and personalized with the recipient's name. Every Sunday afternoon I prepare cards for the birthdays that week and it never fails that the following Sunday I get expressions of thanks as though I had done something marvelous. It seems that sending birthday cards has fallen out of fashion somewhat. Social media has taken over such pleasantries and such things are done digitally now. The advantage in that is that sending an actual card with an actual postage stamp gets far more appreciation than it once did. 

Send a card. You'll really surprise someone.

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