Envelope Guidelines

Mr. Duffy and I passed a pleasant afternoon with a couple of dear friends over coffee. The occasion was a small gift that was purchased on impulse knowing that I would like it. It could simply have been mailed of course but social ceremony makes everything more enjoyable. The gift was a set of four plastic guidelines which will work with any envelope. I was delighted!

These will be particularly useful with the colored envelopes I've been using of late as using guidelines and my light table doesn't work with dark paper. As soon as they had gone I went to my desk to play. I wrote a thank you note of course which will go out in tomorrow's mail. I anticipate these being in constant use along with the hand woven mug rugs that accompanied them. I hope to have coffee with friends again soon...or tea...whether at table or in the mail. Friends are a blessing wherever they are to be found. 

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