A Word on Waterproof Ink

Over the years I've come to prefer inks with at least some water resistance. Admittedly, water resistance seldom matters as paper is not intended to get wet. However, it is a sort of insurance against disaster. I have a story of such disaster to relate to you which will prove that I am just the sort of person water proof inks are made for. 

Just a few days ago I was preparing for a short get away to spend time with my daughter who had arranged the time away as a Mother's Day gift. Before leaving town I stopped at the post office to check my box then went to the market for a few items. While there I thought it would be nice to purchase a bite to eat from the deli. This particular market has the best fountain drink deal in town. For only 99₵  one can get a large soda with as much or little ice as they like. Sipping on a soda on the drive up to the mountains was too refreshing an idea to pass up. (Perhaps you're already guessing where this story is headed.) Having made my purchase I opened the rear car door, placed my drink on the center console, and proceeded to put my groceries in the insulated bag I had waiting on the back seat.

Having already experienced a series of small delays I was behind schedule and glad to be finally getting on the road. When I pulled away from the store however, I hear a sort of plop. That didn't sound right, what could it be? When I turned to investigate I realized I had forgotten to remove my soda from the console and put it safely in the cup holder for there it was, upside down IN MY PURSE!!  Ugh, of all the daft things I had done that day, this one gets the prize.  Thankfully the cup had a lid. I pulled to the side of the street just as quickly as I could, made haste to remove contents from my purse, and turning it upside down I poured the better part of my Pepsi into the street.

I laugh about it now as I do of all such ridiculous episodes after the fact and I am pleased to tell you that the bits of mail that were affected by said episode were not rendered illegible. Waterproof ink is a very good thing indeed.

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