Oh the Places We’ve Seen

An enjoyable thing about postcards is they are a unique way to share the places we've been with our pen friends. The postcard below shows the location of the Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. While I've never been to this particular hotel I have been to San Francisco and can tell you potential visitors to California that San Francisco is a city that must be seen. As a day trip I prefer it to Los Angeles. Though L.A. offers many visit-worthy sites I find San Francisco far more interesting. San Francisco almost always has good walking weather which for me means cool and breezy. Mrs. Mays included this postcard with her last letter telling me about her recent trip to the City. I am glad as it jogged memories of my own. 

I remember one particular trip years ago with Mr. Duffy in which we were exploring on foot and meandering through what I called Little Italy. It was lunch time and I was entertaining thoughts of a sandwich and cappuccino when we somehow found ourselves in China. I wanted to return to Italy for lunch but authentic Chinese food was too much of a lure for Mr. Duffy. We entered the first restaurant we found and taking a seat we discovered that the menus were in Chinese. I had never been in a restaurant that had a duck hanging in the kitchen and wondered at the time if the health department knew about this place. I can't tell you what we had that day as I never learned what the dish was called. Not being able to read the menu we pointed to the next table and asked for the same thing. I am certain that had I my own way that day I would have no memory of lunch or even of the trip itself. Thank you, Mrs. Mays for the trip down memory lane and thank you, Mr. Duffy for insisting on Chinese food. 

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