Getting Ready for Christmas

I shall send Christmas cards this year and wanted to get an early start. After ordering cards I went to the Letter Seals site and browsed waxes. I've been excessively fond of their Jewel Tone Sealing Wax Beads because they are flexible, blend well with other colors, and since they are melted in a spoon they easily produce a generous seal. It's been several years since I've bragged about Letter Seals so it's time to once again thrust them before you. They don't simply package their products neatly, they actually make one feel they are receiving a gift. Even the mailing envelope is adorned with washi tape, a wax seal, and a thank you stamp.

Inside my purchase was wrapped in colorful tissue paper.

In addition to my order I received gummi candy and a Letter Seals pen.

And to try out my new colors...ta da!

Now to get started on those envelopes. 

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