Confessions of a Paper Hoarder

In this time of uncertainty I am glad to have been a paper and stamp hoarder. While others are hoarding toilet paper to the discomfort of everyone else, I sit happily on a store of reams of paper collected over the last few years. Why order a sample of stationery paper when an entire ream is to be had? I never had actual intention so I consider myself to be an accidental hoarder. This self-awareness came when I took on yet another hobby. I have recently fallen in love with bookbinding and may never again buy another journal. Indeed, I will have no need as I have only to sew my existing store of paper into books. 

I'll have you know that stamp hoarding was also unintentional as I meant merely to collect a variety of stamps to coordinate with my hoard collection of various colors of ink and my few (amuse me here) colors of sealing wax. 

I also have an interest in paper making which might be very useful now as I may need to shred all those reams of paper and repurpose them for use in the lavatory. Such recycling would also provide me with thoughtful letter enclosures. Why not make the most of a global emergency? 

Stay home, stay healthy, and be of good cheer. The postal service is still operating after all.

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