Strange but Restful

It's been a strange but restful Palm Sunday at the Duffy's. While I would much prefer venturing out to church I am thankful for the marvelous wonder of the internet that is able to connect people spread over miles in real time. Like many other churches mine is holding services online. I am thankful also for the Book of Common Prayer which allows the congregation to actively participate in Morning Prayer rather than passively observe a sermon. Though it's not ideal, it is satisfying being connected with loved ones at a distance in such a time as this.  

After Morning Prayer I indulged in my latest vain amusement of watching pen videos on YouTube. I also indulged in oil painting and letter writing. Today's recipient is a young friend with whom I've been in conversation but as her internet connection only worsens it has been difficult to have a phone conversation. The natural thing for me to do as you all know is to write her a letter. Letters make for better conversation anyway. My greatest pleasure in writing to her lay in the certainty I feel that she has never received a handwritten letter. Truly, I'll be astonished if she has. I often enclose a tea bag but with this letter I also included a postage stamp. For all I know she's never needed one before. 

I hope she enjoys receiving a letter as much as I enjoy sending it.

Stay well everyone and keep writing. It's excellent therapy.

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