Tea with Ms. Sorby

While I value every letter and pen friend a get special delight in finding a new name in my mail box. Letters from new people always hold promise of friendship and especially when an invitation to tea is involved. Well, not exactly an invitation but rather an enclosed tea bag which is the same thing.

Surely this holds promise of a lovely correspondence. 

I can’t help but notice postage. What stood out to me about the bottom stamp was the 37 cent rate. All the stamps I’ve been tempted by on eBay recently have been 37 cents  so it seemed oddly coincidental to find one in my P.O. Box.

Notice this pair of state stamps. The top stamp is 6 cents. And was issued in 1970 on the occasion of South Carolina’s 300th birthday.  That’s quite a milestone in this young nation called called America.

Thank you Ms. Sorby for the enjoyable introduction, I enjoyed tea with you and your reply is on its way.

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