A Booklet Enclosure (or Now That's Nifty)

I received a clever enclosure that is worthy not only displaying but also of imitation. Pictured below is a booklet made from a single sheet of paper by means of a center slit.

The possibilities of such an enclosure are endless. I could fill it with drawings, quotes, miscellany, or even write a letter on it. I chose to fill my first booklet with quotes from John Donne, John Locke, Marcus Aurelius, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis, and myself. Apart from myself, which I will explain, I have read each of these writers with the exception of John Locke who yet remains on my good intention list. Had I been keeping a Commonplace Book (more on that another time) I might have had a reservoir of quotes from which to draw but as I have not yet begun my CB I had to rely on an internet search for this little project.

On a humorous impulse I included a few quotes from myself but then thought that throwing myself in with great minds was my best chance of improving my own so through books I will keep company with the best men and women I can. I can only benefit from such conversation.

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